10 Reasons why you should attend conferences

10 Reasons why you should attend conferences

Nowadays, you can use Youtube and Livestreams to access almost anything in the world. So also conferences. These can be on the other side of the earth or even right around your corner.

Well, it's quite comfortable when you sit in your (home)-office and simply press on play, as soon as you are interested in a professional discussion or a panel lecture. But what you missed live on the spot, the Takeaway Pizza in your lap won't give you.

Therefore, we have compiled the 10 ultimate reasons why you should have a look at the upcoming conferences in your area.


Reasons why to attend conferences


Focus on the event and thus no distraction

You might probably already imagine. Just by the way, following a conference on the screen is one thing. The better alternative is if you are physically and mentally at the place it takes place. In this way, you are receptive to the speakers and the panelists. In addition, you also receive attention to your person, because you are perceived on the spot.


Experience the brand new, such as tips, tactics and tools

All that is new is presented within a small circle of people. The spreading to a wider environment usually takes place later. If you are present at conferences, you will learn first hand about which tools will be available soon. So some tips and tactics you are receiving additionally in a conversation with the common lunch or with a cup of coffee.


Your personal branding and therefore the investment in yourself

The working world of today and tomorrow is and will be more transient than ever. You will be noticed when you are there, live, on spot of the conference. Each participant of an event is open-minded to meet new people and learn about their ideas and tips. This requires some preparation, but it is a children's game if you follow a few rules (LINK to the other blog post).


Acquire the energy of the entire event with like-minded people

All the energy you can absorb in your office is made up of the radiation of your screen and the contents of your coffee cup. Like-minded people, who meet at conferences and events, share a special energy together with you. It is about activity, the being-doing in something not commonplace.


Give the community something back

Conferences are excellent not only to snap up the latest trends and tools. Think differently. You started somewhere in your field and took the insights of "old stagers". Now you can also share your knowledge and give back to the "newbies" and thus the community through your participation.


Travel and get out of your usual environment, your comfort zone

Your house is your home. Or your office is your comfort zone. Come out of your house. Discover conferences that are taking place in your city, your surroundings, your country or the other end of the world. Enjoy what it means to travel and use the time within the coach, car, train or plane to get inspired also on the way.


Get to know experts, incredible speakers and influencers personally

You might get to know unbelievably great people via social media? That is possible, but to discuss a specific own idea, a discovery or the like with the experts and influencers in a personal interview after a lecture is a complete different story. At this point, new views and insights emerge. Let your eyes open live and personally at a conference and then get involved in a professional and relevant discussion.


Ideas, feedback, and inspiration from others

It is about much more than watching monotonous talks or presentations. Especially the conversations and discussions at the edge of lectures, with a drink or snack between will give you feedback. Just as you inspire others in conversations during a conference and challenge them to completely different ideas, you also get ideas and unique thoughts.


Extend your skills

Probably the most obvious part at conferences. You build your knowledge and learn from the professionals in the field. However, the conference speakers will simply show you a simplification of your previous approach. Controversially, you can thus also surely snap up some insider information, which is otherwise not presented on a publicly accessible presentation or a webinar.


Networking and thus meet people personally

The personal contact and therefore the expansion of your network is probably the reason number one why you should participate in conferences. LinkedIn is nice and good, but hand on heart, how many of your contacts have you ever stood opposite and had a real conversation with them? The smaller part? Then it's time. Meet the people who accompany you daily digitally even in real life. Experience them, let them experience you and keep them in positive memories.


Let's go

Don't stay on the passive side. Look around today for conferences that inspire you. If you are interested in startup conferences, feel free to use our conference search. For professional conferences within your field, you will find a thought-provoking magazines on the topic or on the websites of the major tool providers. We are looking forward to meeting you live on an event.

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